Wellness Screening



Take control of your health journey and embrace a proactive approach to wellness at BeFit Wellness Hub. Join us where every moment is dedicated to fostering preventive care and empowering you towards a lifetime of health. Book your comprehensive health screening session now and take the first step towards a future of well-being and vitality. Your path to proactive wellness begins at BeFit Wellness Hub – where expertise meets compassion, and every preventive measure is a celebration of health.

From head to toe, 35+ point test:

  • Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular
  • Gastrointestinal Function Analysis
  • Large Intestine Function Analysis
  • Liver Function Analysis
  • Gallbladder Function Analysis
  • Pancreatic Function Analysis
  • Kidney Function Analysis
  • Lung Function Analysis
  • Brain Nerve Analysis
  • Bone Disease Analysis
  • Bone Mineral Density Analysis
  • Rheumatoid Bone Disease Analysis
  • Bone Growth Index Analysis
  • Blood Sugar Analysis
  • Trace Element Analysis
  • Vitamin Analysis
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Coenzyme Analysis
  • Fatty Acid Analysis
  • Endocrine System Analysis
  • Immune System Analysis
  • Allergy Analysis
  • Obesity Analysis
  • Skin Analysis
  • Eye Analysis
  • Collagen Analysis
  • Blood Lipids Analysis
  • Pulse of Heart and Brain Analysis
  • Gynaecology Analysis
  • Breast Analysis
  • Menstrual Cycle Analysis
  • Element of Human Analysis
  • Thyroid Analysis
  • Human Toxin Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Analysis