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Welcome to Penang First iconic, advanced solution, Rehab & Wellness Hub that offers health and wellness solutions for your body & mind. Surviving, Thriving & Coping bearing from a new approach to design to your own personal healthcare plan; with our team of prestigious brands and wellness professionals and in their fields of expertise.

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Our Philosophy

In our approach to optimal health, we research on mind-body-immune system connection and understand the strong interdependence of the 3 components in maintaining our general health and in disease prevention. We encourage customers’ active participation with us in the journey of expanding health span.

With knowledge comes awareness, belief and the aspiration to change our attitude and habits that augurs well for good health and longevity. Truly, for things to change, we must change ourselves first.

-  Dr Ti Lian Geh, BeFit Wellness Hub Advisor

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BeFit Wellness Hub brings conventional and complementary approaches together in a coordinated way, blended with advanced technology and evidence-base studies. We emphasize multimodal interventions person as conventional medicine, lifestyle changes, physical rehabilitation, psychotherapy, and complementary health approaches in various combinations, to care for the whole person.

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BeFit Healthy Meal

by Diet Experts

In our BeFit Cafe we offer a wide selection of nutri-balance diet plan, weight management diet plan, body build up diet plan as well as therapeutic and specialised diet plan. Experience the power of integrative healing booking our one of our healthy meal plan. Come and experience the magic on your own!

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In our holistic shop, we offer a wide range of products for your wellness goals and plus points in healthy living.: supplements, functional food and recommended daily necessities. You are welcome to explore our fantastic selection here in our online store.

What Others Say About Us

Uncle Ung

Uncle Ung, Happy Client

I couldn’t hear clearly because of old age, but after a few massages and rubs, my hearing actually improved compared to before, and it’s all thanks to the effective BeFit treatment. I recommend everyone to try it!

Mr. Hong

Mr. Hong, Happy Client

I’ve had problems with my hearing in crowded situations before, but luckily I met Mr. Bipul who is the boss of BeFit Wellness Hub, and he said he can help me with my hearing problem. After just half an hour of treatment, I can now hear voices clearly even in a noisy environment. I strongly recommend people over the age of 60 to come here to seek treatment for similar cases too!

Mrs. Ong

Mrs. Ong, Happy Client

Before I come to BeFit Wellness Hub, I got stage 4 cancer. I also have breathing difficulty. After the genetic treatment, my body feels lighter and I feel really rejuvenated.

Mr. Chong

Mr. Chong, Happy Client

My leg is numb and my shoulder is feeling tight before the treatment. After the treatment, I feel so much better!

Mrs. Tan

Mrs. Tan, Happy Client

I’ve suffered from allergies for over 20 years and also had weak cardiac and leg muscles. After coming here for treatment, I highly recommend it to anyone with similar symptoms. Not only did I gain a better understanding of my condition, but I also saved money on treatment.

Ms. Cheah

Ms. Cheah, Happy Client

I have colorectal cancer and i’m currently undergoing chemotherapy. Before starting the treatment, my stomach felt bloated and i felt very tired easily. After the treatment, I felt that my sleep quality is better, and my stomach stopped bloating too. The treatment has indeed shown good results.

Master Khor

Master Khor, Happy Client

Before I came to this centre, I went to a few hospitals to find various ways to cure my chronic diseases. Chronic diseases affect my leg pain and I have to walk by using the crutches, but they failed to cure my diseases. After I run through CHAMP Program for a few sessions of therapies and consultations by Professionals, I am feeling better and can walk as usual without using the crutches.


Emily, Happy Client

Being their brand’s ambassador, I am happy not only that I am able to help patients but myself. I would say i am in better heath, more energise after attending the treatment being treated. It was indeed wellworth and look forward to a healthier lifestyle at this centre!

Y.A.B. Tuan Chow Kon Yeow

Y.A.B. Tuan Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister of Penang

After visiting H Ambulatory Care Centre and BeFit Wellness Hub, I can safely say that these twin facilities certainly augur well with their motto: From SICK-CARE to HEALTHCARE.

Y.B. Senator Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker

Y.B. Senator Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker, Senator

The design of H Healthcare’s maiden twin facilities – H Ambulatory Care Centre and BeFit Wellness Hub is so impressive. This innovative design certainly creates a very pleasing and friendly ambience. I am sure that the sick patients will instantly feel much better as they walk in the centre.

Mr Chan

Mr Chan, Happy Client

The treatment was good, my back is not in pain any more, no side effects of dizziness after the treatment. The staff was very attentive and caring to me too.


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BeFit Wellness Hub is a perfect space to make meaningful connections supported by health and wellness no matter your age, size, or fitness level. We encourage the community to take responsibility for their health and wellness. We do take lots of pride in being part of an individual’s growth physically. We not only support people advanced physio, rehab and wellness facilities but we help people establish healthy habits once they join our community.

Lot-01-19, Setia SPICE Canopy, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.