Pre & Post Operative Rehab

Pre & Post Operative Rehab

by Swift Heal Physio
If you have sustained a serious injury and are awaiting surgery and have not yet seen a physiotherapist, we strongly advise you see one. The reason for this is not to try and prevent surgery, but to assist your body in being as ready as possible for surgery and subsequently accelerating rehabilitation. Pre-operative rehabilitation is a vitally important component to anyone wanting to optimize their recovery following surgery. The goal of pre-operative rehabilitation is to help you be as well-conditioned as possible prior to surgery to enhance your post-operative recovery, and to understand the rehabilitation routine that will be in place after surgery.
Post- Operation:
How long should i wait?
Do not wait! Post-operative rehabilitation is crucial to regaining pain-free function and returning to daily activities safely and more quickly. It is important to start the rehabilitation as soon as your doctor states that you’re ready. Post-operative physiotherapy is aimed to reduce complications following surgery, such as pain management, breathing and circulation exercises and advice, as well as starting to move and strengthen the affected area. Physiotherapist will assist you to ensure you can ambulate safely and encourage all the uninjured structures surrounding the injury retain normal function, as to best prevent compensation injuries.


What Our Clients Say About Us?

Uncle Ung

Uncle Ung, Happy Client

I couldn’t hear clearly because of old age, but after a few massages and rubs, my hearing actually improved compared to before, and it’s all thanks to the effective BeFit treatment. I recommend everyone to try it!

Mr. Hong

Mr. Hong, Happy Client

I’ve had problems with my hearing in crowded situations before, but luckily I met Mr. Bipul who is the boss of BeFit Wellness Hub, and he said he can help me with my hearing problem. After just half an hour of treatment, I can now hear voices clearly even in a noisy environment. I strongly recommend people over the age of 60 to come here to seek treatment for similar cases too!

Mrs. Ong

Mrs. Ong, Happy Client

Before I come to BeFit Wellness Hub, I got stage 4 cancer. I also have breathing difficulty. After the genetic treatment, my body feels lighter and I feel really rejuvenated.


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