Corporate Lunch Gathering with Hong Leong Assurance

An exclusive corporate luncheon was hosted at BeFit Wellness Hub, bringing together influential professionals from Hong Leong Assurance for an insightful event. Dr. Janet, CEO of BeFit Wellness HUb, extended a warm welcome, followed by an illuminating presentation by Mr. Md Bipul Nazir, Founder & Managing Director of H Healthcare Berhad and Mr. Feynman Lau, Executive Director of H Healthcare Berhad. Attendees were treated to a delightful lunch and a leisurely boardwalk session, fostering valuable connections and conversations.

The event concluded with a memorable group photo, capturing the collaborative spirit of the day. Attendees left with a sense of anticipation for H Healthcare Berhad’s upcoming ventures, making the event a successful platform for networking and showcasing the organization’s innovative strides in the healthcare industry.

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