Creating a Supportive Environment: Lion Club Leaders Learn Strategies for Diabetes Awareness

LION Club leaders from Medan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong recently gathered for a health talk on raising awareness about diabetes. The talk was led by Dr. Ti Lian Geh, who emphasized the importance of shifting from sickcare to healthcare in the management of diabetes.

Dr. Ti began by discussing the prevalence of diabetes in the world today, with over 463 million adults living with the disease. He highlighted the fact that diabetes can be a silent killer, with many people not realizing they have the disease until it is too late.

However, Dr. Ti also emphasized the positive aspects of diabetes, stating that it is a manageable disease that can be controlled through lifestyle changes and medication. He encouraged the audience to view diabetes as an opportunity to make positive changes in their lives, rather than a burden.

The talk focused on ways to raise awareness about diabetes in communities, including education campaigns, outreach programs, and advocacy efforts. Dr. Ti stressed the importance of engaging with people who have diabetes and their families, as well as healthcare professionals, in order to create a supportive environment for those living with the disease.

The LION Club leaders were encouraged to take an active role in promoting diabetes awareness in their own communities. Dr. Ti provided them with resources and information on how to get involved in local diabetes initiatives, as well as tips on how to lead healthy lifestyles themselves.

Overall, the health talk was a great success, with LION Club leaders leaving with a newfound appreciation for the positive aspects of diabetes and a commitment to promoting awareness and education about the disease in their communities.

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